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Creativity – EEG – ALPHA POWER

Creativity News:

A new study from Neuropsychologia Journal describes the neural basis of functional fixedness during creative idea generation.


March 10, 2018


CNRS Unit 8240, Laboratory for the Psychology of Child Development and Education, Paris Descartes University, Sorbonne Paris Cité University and Caen University, France

Center for Management Science, Chair TMCI, Mines ParisTech, France


A new article (Camarda et al., 2018) published in Neuropsychologia describes the neural bases of the processes involved in overcoming a fixation, how creativity is related to alpha power changes in frontal and parietal regions. The researchers used a creativity task (AU task) while they were recording an EEG.

Article source from the journal reference:

Camarda, A., Salvia, É., Vidal, J., Weil, B., Poirel, N., Houdé, O., … Cassotti, M. (2018). Neural basis of functional fixedness during creative idea generation: an EEG study. Neuropsychologia.



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